How to get back in shape after giving birth?

How to get back in shape after giving birth?

A pregnancy does not last nine months , we can never repeat this enough. Once baby arrives, the body is far from having finished the job! It will still be in high demand : breastfeeding for those who choose it, recovering from childbirth and its small - or big - ailments, adapting to the new rhythm... This is one of the moments when it is necessary - even more ! - take care of it. Why is it being undermined and how can we boost it? Breathe, we'll guide you.

Postpartum, fatigue and body in slow motion ( spoiler: it's not our best life )

Between the lack of sleep, the hormones that play tap dance, the anxiety that sometimes rises to the throat, the body is anything but at rest during the postpartum. Many factors are responsible for all this chaos :

> Hormones in free fall ( but less fun than a parachute jump )

By giving birth, you said goodbye to progesterone and estrogen (which were produced in the placenta throughout the pregnancy), hormones with a calming, soothing effect. This sudden fall, which occurs within two days of giving birth, is often the trigger for the “baby blues” period .

> Deficiencies

Between the baby who has served himself from the reserves for nine months, possible breastfeeding which requires additional energy (as well as vitamins and minerals), meals which are not your priority... your body finds itself deficient . Particularly in iron, very often: if women often tend to anemia because of their periods, this is even more true during pregnancy (a period when needs are even greater) and after. In the weeks following delivery, bleeding (called lochia) occurs. They are normal but also contribute to deficiency, and therefore fatigue.

> Lack of sleep

Short and broken nights, the new rhythm to find with your baby, a whole new routine to (re)create, your head spinning with all the new tasks... You have the feeling of being overwhelmed, and no time to rest and get your body back into working order. Normal that this one ends up pulling on the rope.

Create little routines, to breathe and regain strength (physical or mental!)

Do you want to regain your strength as quickly as possible and regain your energy? How we understand you! But you took nine months to incubate your little person, sometimes much longer to prepare for your pregnancy, you will still need a little patience to regain total well-being. This involves simple and obvious things but which you will nevertheless have to really integrate into your daily life (which exploded in flight, we know!): freeing up time to sleep (this can involve micro-naps at the same time than your baby, for example), do your best (but no more!), and eat a balanced diet. There is no secret: the lack of nutrients automatically leads to fatigue and slow functioning of the body. So yes, it's tempting to save time with meals nibbled on the edge of the coffee table or to comfort yourself with comfort food. Having fun, obviously, is yes! But you need to make sure you have a good dose of antioxidants, calcium, vitamin B, Omega 3.

Nutrition , the number 1 base for getting your body back into shape after childbirth

> Proteins and collagen: energy-gaining duo

Because they help maintain muscle mass and allow you to stock up on energy, proteins will be your allies! And among them, the one of choice is collagen. Rich in amino acids (which rhyme: glycine, proline and glutamine), it largely constitutes our bones, our skin and our connective tissues; it is therefore an ideal postpartum fuel. In food, it's the famous bone broth that has the most of it! Equipped with plenty of good nutrients, it is a cocooning dish for young mothers. However, if that doesn't really appeal to you, you can get your dose of collagen by supplementing with a food supplement.

> Calcium galore

It's no longer a secret: to develop, your baby gets everything he needs... from you! And even more so during the last quarter. To strengthen his bones and skeleton, he will need calcium, even more so during your last trimester of pregnancy, when he is growing. The body can store calcium (in bones) but is not able to manufacture it. Only food can therefore provide enough to meet (growing) needs. To refuel, eat dairy products, and alternate: goat, sheep and cow, each brings its bed of nutritional benefits. And to find other sources, fill your meal trays with sardines and green leafy vegetables, make snacks of oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, etc.), drink plant-based drinks (big up almond milk, spelled milk, oats..). In order to meet your calcium needs (1000 to 1200 mg/day), it is recommended the equivalent of three dairy products per day, and to consume mineral waters rich in calcium daily if you can.

> Magnesium and vitamin B6: the morale boost

The drop in estrogen and progesterone after childbirth sometimes causes fluctuations (rather downward, we're not going to lie) in mood .

To “repair” our falling merry-go-round (of hormones), we rely on magnesium and vitamin B6, which fight against stress and fatigue and balance hormones and therefore morale. The call for magnesium is met by legumes, nuts, bananas and chocolate (the ideal snack?). As for vitamin B6, it is present in fish and meat, mushrooms, sesame, prunes... On your menu!

Supplementation to get the necessary dose of vitamins

Because having a rich and varied diet is not always possible (we are well aware that it is almost impossible to have time to prepare perfect meals every day during this period) or even sometimes sufficient, Supplementing yourself with 100% suitable food supplements is essential. We designed Post Partum for this: to help young mothers whose bodies are exhausted. Cocktail (but without alcohol, we know you prefer mojitos) of plants and natural vitamins, it will support you by supporting your physical and emotional state, reducing fatigue and stress and we hope by boosting your morale! It is compatible with breastfeeding and will make a perfect combo with Pregnancy , which you can continue to take simultaneously.

And don't forget... after Postpartum, comes Good Weather ( quote by Boome, you're welcome ).

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