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Postpartum is a special period that requires dedicated care. ...
Our range supports your emotional balance thanks to our Post-Partum reference, your vitality thanks to our Pregnancy multivitamins and takes care of your hair and skin after childbirth with Beauty Potion .
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Emotional balance: why are postpartum food supplements important?

From the first days of baby, your body undergoes hormonal changes which impact your emotional balance. Pregnant women and all future mothers fear it: The baby blues (among others), which undermines your daily life with baby. This period corresponds to a drop in hormones, responsible for unusual but normal behaviors (crying, extreme fatigue, slight depression, etc.). In order to counter this drop in morale and the rise of intense stress (or even total exhaustion), the body needs a good diet and well-formulated food supplements. We designed Post-Partum for this. Our complex helps you resist stress and fatigue thanks to plants and nutrients essential for good mental health. Coupled with our pregnancy vitamins, it allows you to get through a smoother postpartum. A real boost for young mothers.

Can we prevent postpartum baby blues during pregnancy?

Yes ! Pregnant women can prevent certain postpartum illnesses during pregnancy, in particular by paying attention to their nutritional status. Certain vitamins and minerals can reduce complications linked to the postnatal period or the end of pregnancy, in particular hemorrhages, premature births, low fetal weight or even pre-eclampsia.

What products can help prevent or reduce postpartum hair loss?

The appearance of stretch marks or even the beauty of hair are a frequent concern for future and young mothers. Hair health requires a good diet but also appropriate food supplements. Natural remedies and specific nutrients promote resistance and stimulate hair growth. Natural products like horsetail (a plant), nutrients like zinc or vitamin B8 (biotin, a powerful active ingredient) strengthen hair and slow down hair loss. Enough to give your body a real boost to take care of your beauty capital. All these nutrients are in our Beauty Potion product, our collagen food supplement.