Pregnant or planning pregnancy? What to eat during the holidays?

What to eat during the holidays

What to eat when pregnant during the holidays? How to boost your fertility thanks to the New Year and Christmas? We asked Blanche Rautenstrauch , naturopath and nutrition consultant, who has compiled her best advice for us, so that you can find your way!

If you are looking to boost your fertility, now is the best time!

Take advantage of the end-of-year holidays to stock up on essential vitamins and minerals to boost and take care of your fertility. And these tips also apply to men! Vitamin B9 , zinc, vitamin D, choline , selenium, proteins and fatty acids, etc... Take advantage of the season to taste seafood and small dishes worthy of starred restaurants.

Allies to boost male and female fertility:

> Fish and seafood rich in zinc, iodine, selenium and essential fatty acids (omega 3), vitamin D and A to take care of your hormonal health and your reproductive system. Special mention for lobsters and crab, mussels, oysters and wild salmon (which also contains co-enzyme Q10), which are beneficial for fertility. Do not hesitate to add a few spoons of fresh seaweed (for example in tartar) to replenish iodine reserves, essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid.

> Runny eggs (with truffles, we treat ourselves), for their contributions in choline, fatty acid and vitamin D. Nuts , usually present on cheese platters, are an excellent source of good fat, selenium and vitamin B9, valuable allies for fertility. This year, we are also thinking of pecan, macadamia and Brazil nuts, again for their contribution in zinc, selenium and anti-oxidants.

> Green and colorful vegetables : Brussels sprouts, braised kale, roasted squash of all types, lamb's lettuce leaves and endive salad, mushrooms and beetroot, will provide fiber and vitamins including the famous folic acid, as well as essential antioxidants for fertility.

> Poultry, and chicken in particular for its richness in nutrients, including proteins are essential, particularly for male fertility. And the next day, we take the opportunity to make good broths, rich in collagen and minerals, to plump up the skin.

> For dessert, we focus on exotic fruits: pomegranate, lychee, mango, passion fruit and citrus fruits of course for their content of vitamin C, flavonoids and polyphenols, cell protectors. We don't forget chocolate, comforting, rich in magnesium and polyphenols.

> Cook with lots of flavors: ginger, onions, turmeric, fresh herbs (thyme, coriander, parsley), but also spices: cardamom, cinnamon, green pepper, known for their antioxidant and circulatory, even aphrodisiac, actions to then be found under the duvet... The Christmas period is above all a time to let go and rest, conducive to cuddles and therefore fertility!

These foods ensure better hormonal health, better quality of sperm and eggs and help boost your chances of pregnancy, while making you happy!

What to eat if you are pregnant:

Knowing what you are allowed to eat or not during pregnancy is always a headache. So during the holidays, the question seems even more thorny. However, as you will see, you can have fun when you are pregnant at Christmas!

> The question of foie gras:

Know that the consumption of foie gras is possible! Yes yes ! You will need to be careful to buy foie gras in a jar or can, which guarantees sterilization and zero risk for you and your baby!

> Seafood:

Fish, shrimp, lobsters, scallops and other shellfish: YES. If they are fresh and well cooked! On the other hand, we avoid smoked or raw fish, taramasalata or even raw oysters (you can eat them cooked).

> Land products:

Take care when cooking meat to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination. Your roast should be well cooked. And you will once again have to skip smoked meats and other cold meats.

If you want to accompany your beautiful shrimp with mayonnaise or aioli, just be careful not to consume homemade products made from raw eggs. In this case, you will have to favor industrial products, which are safer for your health and that of your baby.

> Desserts:

We forget about raw milk cheeses and desserts made from raw eggs. Some logs contain it, as do tiramisu and other homemade chocolate mousses. Frozen desserts, cooked or pasteurized pressed cheeses are yours!

Happy holidays to all!

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