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Vitamins and herbs for fertility

Fertility Pack

The Fertility Pack brings together our two essential Pregnancy and Baby Boost products to boost your chances of getting pregnant, at an advantageous price.

  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals from the moment you want to have a child
  • Replaces folic acid with natural vitamin B9, in active form
  • Improves ovulation and fertility
  • Rebalances the cycle
  • Improves egg quality

The perfect duo to boost your chances of pregnancy.

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Fertility Pack
pack conception fertilité boome
Fertility Pack
Fertility Pack

Ingredients Key

Vitamin B9 (better known as folic acid) plays multiple roles in the body, particularly during the perinatal period. It is involved in all processes of cell growth and division and prevents malformations of the nervous system, particularly the neural tube. Vitamin B9 is key for the functioning of the body, the constitution of the embryo and the proper development of the fetus.

Many women are deficient in vitamin B9 without knowing it, even though it has been proven that taking vitamin B9 can considerably limit the risk of malformations.

Vitamin B9 may include:

- folate, the natural form of vitamin B9, which is naturally present in foods

- folic acid, of synthetic origin which is found in certain food supplements, but which is not correctly assimilated by all women.

At Boome, we have chosen a natural form of vitamin B9, more bioavailable than folic acid. We sourced it from citrus fruits and lemon in particular. We have also combined our vitamin B9 with vitamin B12, D, Zinc and choline to maximize its effects.

Myo-inositol is one of the 9 isomers of inositol, which is an organic molecule found in nature.

Sometimes called the fertility molecule, myo-inositol has been the subject of a large number of studies which have proven its effectiveness in improving the quality of oocytes and follicular growth. Among its many benefits, myo-inositol helps regulate menstrual cycles and thus promotes ovulation.

Myo-inositol is particularly suitable for all women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is the leading cause of female infertility. This syndrome, which affects 5 to 10% of women of childbearing age, is characterized in particular by insulin resistance. Myo-inositol would correct this insulin resistance and thus restore hormonal balance.

In food, we can find inositol in fruits, notably oranges or certain varieties of melons, but also in liver and beef heart. But for women suffering from PCOS, a dietary intake alone will not be enough and it is recommended to supplement in parallel with quality food supplements.

Red clover is a medicinal plant used since Antiquity, very nutritious and mineralizing.

Rich in vitamins, calcium and magnesium, red clover also contains isoflavones, which act like phytoestrogens, that is to say like the natural hormones estrogens. Red clover helps regulate hormonal balance.

Red clover also allows good lymphatic and blood drainage, and therefore improves blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

Finally, it modifies the pH of the uterus, thanks to its alkanizing properties and limits the acidity of the cervical mucus, preparing a more favorable environment for pregnancy.


Pregnancy: Lithothamne thallus powder, (Phymatolithon calcareum) titrated in calcium, guava leaf extract (Psidium guajava) titrated in zinc, coating agent: pullulan, magnesium oxide, choline (Cognizin®), l-ascorbic acid ( vitamin C), extract of fucus thallus (Fucus vesiculosus) titrated in iodine, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), yeast enriched with selenium, cocoa seed powder (Theobroma cacao), lemon tree fruit extract ( Citrus limon) titrated in folate, cholecalciferol (vitamin D), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

Allergens: fish, molluscs, crustaceans

Baby Boost: Myo-inositol, coating agent: pullulan, organic evening primrose oil powder (Oenothera biennis L.), dry extract of pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum), dry extract of aerial parts of red clover (Trifolium pratense) , cocoa seed powder (Theobroma cacao), lemon tree fruit extract (Citrus limon) titrated in folate.

nutritional table:

Informations nutritionnelles Quantité dose / jour AR
including vitamin B9 400 mcg 200%
VITAMIN B12 3 mcg 120%
VITAMIN C 80 mcg 100%
VITAMIN D3 5 mcg 100%
VITAMIN E 20 mg 166%
including calcium 150 mg 19%
MAGNESIUM 82.5 mg 22%
including iodine 153 mcg 100%
including zinc 10 mg 100%
SELENIUM 50 mcg 91%
INOSITOL 500 mg -
including vitamin B9 400 mcg 200%
including ellagic acid 40 mg -
RED CLOVER 100 mg -
Quantité/jour : Quantité par dose journalière - AR : Apport de référence
 The perfect duo to boost your chances of pregnancy.

The perfect duo to boost your chances of pregnancy.

Pregnancy increases reserves of good nutrients and intake of vitamin B9 in particular. Taken before becoming pregnant, vitamin B9 (here, it comes in the form of natural bioavailable folates, unlike synthetic folic acid) reduces the risk of malformations, and therefore limits the risk of miscarriages. Pregnancy also contains choline, zinc, or vitamin D, key nutrients for conceiving.

Baby Boost helps those who have difficulty getting pregnant by acting on the quality of ovulation and oocytes, and cervical mucus. It boosts your fertility. Also suitable for women who have PCOS.

If you take both products, there is no risk of overdosing on vitamin B9: each reference contains 400µg and the safety limit is 1000µg per day.

Our two essential products for a peaceful design.

Usage tips

How to take my treatment?

Take the capsules with a large glass of water, preferably during a meal.

Baby Boost can be taken throughout the cycle.

If you also take iron supplements, it is best to take Baby Boost and Pregnancy in the morning and take your iron in the evening, for better assimilation.

How long should I take my Conception cure?

We recommend a 3-month treatment, renewable if necessary after observing a therapeutic break of one to two weeks.

When should I stop my Conception treatment?

Baby Boost should be stopped from the first days of pregnancy. It is not compatible with breastfeeding or pregnancy.
On the other hand, we recommend continuing our Pregnancy multivitamin until delivery and even during the months that follow. Pregnancy contains all the minerals and vitamins you will need during this period.

Precautions for use

For Baby Boost: Baby Boost is not recommended for people with a personal or family history of breast cancer or hormone dependent people due to the presence of red clover (which has an estrogenic action).

Baby Boost should not be taken if pregnant or breastfeeding. So you need stop the treatment as soon as you are pregnant.

As part of PMA treatment, Baby Boost is not recommended during certain phases. We recommend that you consult your doctor who will be able to advise you best according to your course.

Baby Boost is a product reserved for women, it cannot be taken by men.

For Pregnancy: Use in people under anti-coagulant treatment or suffering from thyroid disorders is not recommended due to the presence of iodine in our product. Seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from light, heat and humidity.


When to start the Design Pack?

It is recommended to take supplements from the moment you want to become pregnant, in particular to increase your vitamin B9 reserves. We recommend taking our Conception cure as soon as you want to become pregnant.

For how long to take the Conception cure?

For a minimum of 3 months, while your cycle and hormones rebalance and your fertility improves.

Is the Conception cure compatible with Detox?

Detox is the first fundamental step of our preconception protocol, it must be taken alone, a few months before the first trials. We do not recommend pairing it with the Conception pack because its objective is to help the liver cleanse your body.

If your baby project is in a hurry, we recommend that you move directly to the conception phase, without taking Détox.

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adeline bergounhe
commande de plus de 100€

Bonjour, je suis un peu déçue de constater que vous annoncez la livraison offerte à partir de 100€ et que ce n'est pas le cas, ainsi que les 10% sur la première commande e que je n'en ai pas bénéficié.... Je ne trouve pas ça très pro et plutôt mensonger ...

Chère Adeline,
Tout d'abord, merci pour votre message et votre confiance, je vois que vous venez de repasser une commande chez nous. Nous offrons la livraison en point relais dès 100 euros d'achat, et sauf erreur de ma part, vous en avez bénéficié à deux reprises. La première fois lors de votre commande livrée par Mondial Relay en février (le montant des frais de port s'élèvent à 0 euros), la deuxième fois lors de votre commande d'hier puisque la livraison ChronoShop2Shop n'a pas eté facturée. Si vous avez besoin d'explications supplémentaires, n'hésitez surtout pas à m'écrire sur afin que je puisse vous donner quelques détails si besoin.

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Que du positif

Libido au top.
Plus du tout de sécheresse vaginale ou d'irritation.
Glaire cervicale de bien meilleure qualité.
Ovulation et cycle hormonal revenu à la normale.
Ces effets ont eu lieu après à peine une dizaine de jours d'utilisation.
Pour mon mari libido au top et un sperme plus dense.
Beaucoup moins de symptômes desagréables pendant les menstruations.
En attente bébé avec impatience🥰

Marjo F
Après un mois de cure = un beau +++

Après 3 ans d'essai, un oeuf clair qui s'est traduit par une FC et curetage en urgence... J'ai décidé d'arrêter l'acide folique de synthèse et de me tourner vers des produits naturels avant d'envisager l'ultime recours à la médecine pour nous aider à avoir ce bébé tant désiré.
J'ai donc passé commande d'un pack conception pour un mois, pour commencer et après ce fameux mois... J'ai eu la belle surprise d'avoir mon beau et très attendu +++ !!! Aujourd'hui j'en suis à un peu plus de 8 semaines et bébé va très bien 😀
Je continue les vitamines grossesse sans hésiter ! 🤰
Merci beaucoup !!

emmanuella Civil

Bonjour ,
Ça régule le cycle j'attend d'autre résultat merci baby boost

Question ?

Puis-je continuer mon acide folique ? En plus de la cure ?