Transmitting strong brand values ​​is the basis today,

but applying them throughout the production chain requires will and involvement. At Boome, we care about the environment and the working conditions of our partners, and put a lot of energy and sincerity into our responsible approach.

Our packaging

We chose glass
No packaging solution is ideal, we know that well. However, rather than recycled plastic (the manufacturing of which still needs to be perfected), we opted for glass. Glass is airtight, hygienic and can be recycled endlessly, even though this consumes a lot of energy. But count on us, we will continue to monitor innovations in the sector to constantly improve our product.

No secondary packaging
In a spirit of maximum sobriety, we have chosen to present our bottles to you without secondary packaging. All the necessary information can be found directly on their label or on the product page of our site.
Our packages will also not include a flyer, tissue paper or thank you card. Just what you need.

Charging system
We are currently working on a more practical and environmentally friendly charging system.
Keep an eye on our Instagram account to be kept informed of their launch.

Our packaging

All our transport packaging has been designed to secure the products and be pleasant when opened, while limiting the impact on the environment as much as possible. They are made of recycled and recyclable cardboard, printed with solvent-free and compostable inks, made in France, and have been made to measure to be as flat as possible, in order to limit the carbon footprint emitted during their transport. In the vast majority of cases, your order can be delivered directly to your mailbox.

Our workshop

To pack your orders with love and ship them as soon as possible, we use a logistics workshop based in France, in the Pays de la Loire. It implements various actions to limit its impact on the environment:

- It has banned plastic from beginning to end of its supply chain. Even the tape is kraft paper.
- It recycles used cardboard and packaging for reuse, in particular to protect goods during transport and thus reduce the production of waste.
- He buys responsibly or refurbished, and favors short circuits with suppliers who share our values.
- It uses carriers committed to reducing their carbon emissions and their impact on the environment in general.
- It recruits men and women, able-bodied or disabled, to promote equality between employees and participate in the integration of disabled workers. Either through internal recruitment, or by calling on a local ESAT.
- It shares its profits through the Reforest'Action program and participates in 1% for the Planet.

Since the creation of Boome, we have been committed to concretely supporting causes in accordance with our values.

We have thus joined the worldwide collective 1% for the Planet, pledging to donate 1% of our annual turnover. The latter reliably centralizes the funds, which are then donated to approved associations, focused on soil health, sustainable agriculture, environmental education, food safety or even the protection of air, water and ecosystems. We are very proud to participate, on our small scale, in the actions of this collective.

Improving ourselves is our priority

We're not perfect yet, but we're working hard on it . Especially to leave a healthier planet
for our children.

We are aware that our carbon footprint is far from perfect, due to the varied sourcing of our ingredients. We regularly discuss with our partners to find better solutions for the supply of our ingredients, or to improve our packaging.

Here is a summary of our concrete daily actions.
We are aware that they can still be improved, and we are determined to go further. If we do even better tomorrow, maybe it will be thanks to you? Do not hesitate to write to us at to share your comments and/or ideas that could inspire us.
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