Founded by three mothers,

Boome was born from a desire:

To best support all women with products designed for each stage of pregnancy.
When you try, when you are pregnant, when you are finally a mother.

After two years of work, we are proud to offer you the solution we were missing: products developed by scientific experts with ingredients of natural origin, without any controversial ingredients.
We wanted to be as close as possible to your concerns... because they are also ours.

The click

“Pregnancy vitamins loaded with dangerous ingredients , no thanks.”



Finally pregnant with my daughter after several miscarriages, I looked for the best supplement. Follower of healthy products for years, I refused to take the food supplements that I had been prescribed, alerted by their composition, and the lack of transparency of the brands present on the market. And it was by questioning my friends, all mothers before me, that I realized one thing: I was almost the only one around me to worry about what I was going to ingest for… More than a year. It's 2019, and I realize by studying the labels meticulously and because I was lucky enough to have knowledge on the subject, that no brand offers healthy prenatal vitamins, with a clear composition, and in which I can trust to accompany the most important period of my life.

My curiosity pushed me to look for better solutions, but how many women, for lack of time or knowledge, go through the experience of motherhood without questioning what is offered to them? Caroline, my associate, took her vitamins without complaining, despite having uncomfortable side effects. Laureline, our second associate, went through a complex physical and emotional postpartum.”

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