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Vitamins, minerals, plants

New Mama Pack

For the well-being of all mothers. The New Mama pack brings together our two essential products, Pregnancy and Postpartum, for a gentler postpartum at an advantageous price.

  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals after childbirth
  • Targets emotional balance
  • Fight against fatigue
  • Increases resistance to stress.

A remineralizing morale booster, this duo is the new essential for (young) mothers.

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New Mama Pack
Pack pour le post-partum
New Mama Pack
Vitamines et plantes pour le post-partum - Boome

Ingredients Key

Biotin, also called Vitamin B8 or Vitamin B7 in many countries, is a water-soluble vitamin, which is therefore easily eliminated through urine.
It contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair.

Biotin is a coenzyme that plays a key role in nutrient metabolism. It participates in particular in the synthesis of amino acids and proteins and in the production of fatty acids, essential for a healthy scalp.

Vitamin B8 deficiency leads to hair loss, split ends or brittle and weak nails.

The intestinal flora produces vitamin B8, but in insufficient quantities. We can therefore increase our biotin intake through diet (chicken liver, legumes, soya, eggs for example) or through appropriate supplementation.

Iodine plays an essential role at all stages of motherhood. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), iodine is used for the proper development of the brain of the fetus and young child.

During the first months, the fetus depends exclusively on its mother's thyroid hormones. It needs iodine to grow and to produce its own thyroid hormones, which play an essential role in its neurosensory development.

Our iodine comes from fucus, an algae with multiple virtues. Our iodine being natural, it adjusts better to the woman's needs and limits the risk of overdose.

Choline, or more precisely citicoline (the generic name for CDP-choline), is an organic molecule produced endogenously and present in all living cells.

Choline has many benefits: it prevents the risk of pre-eclampsia and allows the proper development of the placenta, could reduce the risk of neural tube defects, premature birth and promotes the proper development of the organs and memory of your future baby.

The human body can produce choline via the liver, but in very small quantities. It is therefore better to try to favor external contributions, whether in food or food supplements.

Still rare in France in prenatal multivitamins, we have chosen to include from the start in our formulation a patented form of choline, Cognizin®.

To find out more, find our article on Choline in the blog.

Utilisé à des fins médicinales depuis de nombreux siècles en Inde notamment (1) , le safran est une épice aux actifs puissants, aujourd’hui connus et étudiés pour leur effet positif sur l’anxiété et la dépression (2-4) . Une étude réalisée chez 60 nouvelles mamans a montré qu’une consommation de 30 mg de safran, un dosage similaire à celui de notre produit Post-Partum, pouvait réduire significativement le score associé aux sentiments dépressifs.
D’autres études, menées chez des personnes anxieuses et dépressives, ont montré que le safran avait un impact positif dans la prise en charge de l’anxiété et la dépression (3,6)


Pregnancy: Lithothamne thallus powder, (Phymatolithon calcareum) titrated in calcium, guava leaf extract (Psidium guajava) titrated in zinc, coating agent: pullulan, magnesium oxide, choline (Cognizin®), l-ascorbic acid ( vitamin C), extract of fucus thallus (Fucus vesiculosus) titrated in iodine, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), yeast enriched with selenium, cocoa seed powder (Theobroma cacao), lemon tree fruit extract ( Citrus limon) titrated in folate, cholecalciferol (vitamin D), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

Allergens: fish, molluscs, crustaceans

Postpartum: Rhodiola root powder (Rhodiola rosea), L-tyrosine, glazing agent; pullulan, stinging nettle leaf powder (Urtica dioica), concentrated plant extracts [holy basil leaf extract (Ocimum tenuiflorum), spirulina thallus extract (Spirulina platensis), azuki bean seed extract (Vigna angularis), mango fruit extract (Mangifera indica), brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), chlorella thallus extract (Chlorella vulgaris), guava fruit extract (Psidium guajava), lemon pericarp extract (Citrus limonum) ] titrated in thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin B6, biotin (vitamin B8), folate (vitamin B9), methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), powder of cocoa.

nutritional table:

Informations nutritionnelles Quantité dose / jour AR
Extrait de fruit de citronnier 8,19 mg -
Dont vitamine B9 400 µg 205%
Vitamine B12 3 µg 120%
Vitamine C 80 µg 100%
Vitamine D3 5 µg 100%
Vitamine E 20 mg 166%
Poudre de thalle de lithothamme 501 mg -
dont calcium 150 mg 19%
Magnésium 82,5 mg 22%
Extrait de talle de fucus 75 mg -
dont iode 153 µg 100%
Extrait de feuille de goyave 250 mg -
dont zinc 10 mg 100%
Sélénium 50 µg 91%
Citicoline (CDP-Choline brevetée Cognizin®) 100 mg -
Poudre de grain de cacaoyer 24 mg -
Post partum
L-Tyrosine 150 mg -
L-tryptophane 110 mg -
Extrait de safran BIO| 30 mg -
Concentré d'extraits végétaux titrés en vitamines du groupe B 60 mg -
apportant vitamine B1 1,2 mg 109%
apportant vitamine B2 1,2 mg 86%
apportant vitamine B3 2,4 mg 15%
apportant vitamine B5 2,3 mg 38%
apportant vitamine B6 1,2 mg 86%
apportant vitamine B8 36 µg 72%
apportant vitamine B9 48 µg 24%
apportant vitamine B12 1,2 µg 48%
Quantité/jour : Quantité par dose journalière - AR : Apport de référence
The essential duo for young mothers.

The essential duo for young mothers.

Our New Mama pack brings together our two essential postpartum products to ensure you are in great shape to take care of your baby.

All the vitamins and minerals present in our pack come from plants, fruits or come from bio fermentation. Our capsules are made of pullulan, the most natural option on the market.

Pregnancy is a hybrid product, which targets the increased needs of pregnant women or those wishing to become pregnant, as well as those of young mothers, to help them replenish their reserves of good vitamins and minerals.

Our benchmark is a new generation of prenatal vitamins, the only one on the market to be 100% of natural origin. It is a healthier, modern, efficient alternative, entirely from nature.

Postpartum provides you with welcome physical and emotional support following a hormonal drop. Thanks to its composition, it improves morale, helps reduce fatigue, resist stress and strengthens your body.

Usage tips

  • How to take my treatment?

We recommend that you take your capsules during a meal with a glass of water.

  • Can I take the treatment if I am breastfeeding?

Our New Mama pack is compatible for all breastfeeding mothers.

  • How long should I take my New Mama Cure?

We recommend a treatment of at least 3 months, with a break of one week between each bottle of Post-Partum.

Precautions for use

Our New Mama pack is not recommended for people suffering from thyroid disorders and under anticoagulant treatment due to the presence of iodine in our Pregnancy product.

If you are affected by bipolar disorder, do not hesitate to consult a health professional. Rhodiola, present in our Post-Partum formula, can in certain cases trigger an episode of psychological excitement.

It is recommended to consult your doctor and/or pharmacist before taking this product. Reserved for adults. Prolonged use is not recommended.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from light, heat and humidity. Food supplements should not replace a varied diet.


Why supplement postpartum?

Nutritional needs remain high to recover from childbirth and breastfeed if desired. Certain deficiencies accumulated during pregnancy are automatically reflected after the birth of your baby and can have numerous consequences.

Hormonal fluctuations can be intense, with progesterone and estrogen levels dropping during delivery of the placenta. These hormones, which are involved in regulating mood, can disrupt the balance of neurotransmitters and lead to emotional instability.

The fatigue caused by lack of sleep also affects physical and mental health.

How long to take the New Mama pack?

We recommend taking our two references Pregnancy and Postpartum during the first 3 months after your delivery. The treatment is renewable, be sure to take a one-week break between each bottle of Post-Partum.

How is this treatment more complete?

Pregnancy is our natural multivitamin that is recommended from the desire for pregnancy until complete recovery from childbirth. It provides essential vitamins and minerals at each stage of pregnancy, including postpartum.
Postpartum primarily targets the emotional balance of the young mother. It fights against low morale, stress and fatigue.

Our two products are complementary and essential for the well-being of all mothers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Léa Fremont
Mes vitamines préférées depuis le début de ma grossesse!

Je ne peux plus m'en passer! Je les prends quotidiennement depuis que j'ai appris que j'étais enceinte et je vois vraiment les résultats. Je suis dans mon septième mois et je n'ai eu aucun désagrément lié à la grossesse, pas de nausées, j'ai toujours de l'énergie!
J'ai du coup commandé les post partum afin de continuer a prendre soin de moi après l'accouchement!

Chérif Haidara Hadja Aïcha

Pack New Mama

Mélanie Parayre
Perfect !

J’en suis à ma troisième cure « grossesse - post partum ». J’en suis ravie car j’ai récupéré ma vitalité et je perds beaucoup moins mes cheveux… je n’ai plus les coups de barre en journée. Je suis totalement fan!

Audrey Moity
Une révélation !

Grâce à une des collaboratrices Boome, j'ai été parfaitement guidé sur mon besoin à savoir : un bébé de 13 mois dont 12 a m'oublier... Grâce à ce combo d'une incroyable justesse : 5 jours auront fallu pour retrouver une qualité de sommeil et 15 jours pour retrouver une équilibre de vie. Malgré des nuits toujours entrecoupées par les réveils de ma fille, je me réveille dans l'énergie et l'envie. Je sens l'équilibre hormonal plus aligné, je suis plus calme, j'ai retrouvé ma joie au quotidien, mon alimentation a retrouvé le bon chemin très naturellement. En résumé : absolument parfait pour mes besoins, a répondu à toutes mes attentes et plus encore 🙏🏻 merci BOOME (et merci laureline💜)