Detox, an essential step before pregnancy?

The essential detox before pregnancy?

If we are to believe the front pages of the magazines, the detox cure seems to be the new fashionable concept. Recommended by naturopaths, it would be one of the essential conditions before pregnancy to give birth to a healthy baby. So, true or false ? We help you take stock!

The central role of the liver in our body

Detox or drainage is actually a concept developed by our Elders according to which there must be a balance between the assimilation and elimination functions of the body. The body needs to evacuate its waste and toxic residues in order to allow the body to function properly. This natural detox work is carried out by one of our most important organs: the liver.

The liver performs a multitude of vital functions, including blood sugar control, fat storage and blood filtering. It sorts everything that comes to it, whether it is food, the waste we produce or the pollutants we ingest. It also knows how to capture the toxins that are found in our body when we smoke, take medications or oral contraceptives...

Disturbing studies

In recent years, studies have multiplied on the worrying level of pollutants or toxins that we ingest, and the conception period is not exempt. We won't hide it from you, the results are far from reassuring...

Notably , a 2005 study detected 287 chemicals in babies' umbilical cord blood. Of these chemicals, 180 are notable carcinogens, 217 are neurotoxins, and 208 are known to cause birth defects or developmental abnormalities.

The benefit of a detox cure

If the natural work of the liver is indisputable, it sometimes needs to be supported, especially after excesses. The detox cure, often recommended in spring, helps improve and strengthen our body's natural detoxifying capabilities while limiting the quantity of toxins ingested and providing the body with the nutrients that allow it to function at its best.

Before pregnancy, the detox treatment is particularly indicated, because it also eliminates synthetic hormones after taking contraceptives and promotes good quality intestinal flora, essential to the fertility and health of the baby.

As naturopath Aurélie Canzoneri explains to us: "It is often said that being pregnant is like doing a detox, because your baby will absorb and feed on everything your body has to offer and will take everything it can develop, both the good and the bad... So doing a detox before getting pregnant will then allow you to give only the good to your baby during pregnancy, because you will have gotten rid of all the bad before."

Some basic tips

Please note, it is not a question of doing a permanent detox cure. According to natural health experts, it is ideally advisable to follow a treatment 2 to 3 months before becoming pregnant. Of course this depends on your state of health, and it is, as always, preferable to do an assessment with your doctor in advance. The latter may recommend that you precede and/or follow your detox treatment with a revitalization phase in order to restore energy to your body which could be weakened ( Pregnancy is also a perfect multivitamin to replenish the body in essential nutrients).

There is evidence that in just a few days, significant amounts of toxins can be eliminated from our bodies, especially the herbicides and pesticides we consume with our food.

On the other hand, the detox cure is strongly not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. But don't panic, good habits can already be enough to limit toxins.

Good daily reflexes

- Opt for an organic diet as much as possible;
- Also favor organic or natural products for cosmetics and household cleaners;
- Sort through what surrounds you and limit contact with plastic which is now known to contain endocrine disruptors;
- Support the body's natural detoxification processes, by consuming fiber to have regular (daily) bowel movements, hydrating yourself sufficiently and exercising regularly;
- If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, use high-quality supplements, such as a prenatal multivitamin with pre-methylated folate (i.e. methylfolate and not folic acid).

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