Detox, instructions for use

Detox, instructions for use

Do you have a pregnancy plan? Or do you simply want lightness and to clean up your body? It's time to follow a detox treatment which will help you get rid of the toxins and pollutants that weigh you down and which can jeopardize your baby's development.

The Boome Detox cure is particularly suitable to support you during this period. Our food supplement is 100% natural plant-based and has been validated by gynecologists and natural health experts.

To benefit as much as possible from its benefits and follow it with complete peace of mind, we asked for the advice of naturopath Aurélie Canzoneri . Because starting a detox treatment involves changing your lifestyle habits a little, without becoming a punishment.

What is the ideal duration of a detox program?

According to Aurélie Canzoneri, a detox should last 1 to 3 months, depending on each person's needs and situation. Be careful, however, you must be able to tolerate a detox; for some, it will first be necessary to go through a revitalization phase. It is best to discuss this with your doctor before starting a detox, so that he can anticipate possible deficiencies.

What are the good reflexes to adopt during detox?

The benefits of a detox cure will be attenuated if you do not accompany it with a better daily lifestyle. Aurélie Canzoneri reminds us in particular of the importance of integrating fruits and vegetables into your meals daily. It is also interesting to favor whole grains (if they are tolerated) and to consume proteins daily (of animal or plant origin).

As you can imagine, refined, processed, industrial products that are too sweet and too salty should be avoided, as should stimulants: they will be counterproductive in your internal cleansing exercise.

You will probably feel some feelings of hunger or fatigue throughout the day, especially at first. But don’t panic, Aurélie Canzoneri has tips to relieve them:

- Drinking water can help satisfy cravings. The ideal is to drink 1.5L of water per day, spread throughout the day. Several glasses of water daily at ritual times or a graduated bottle will allow you to measure your progress. Don’t hesitate to flavor your water with citrus fruits or plants to vary the tastes.

- Physical exercise, even brisk walking, will also help you reduce your stress, which can lead to snacking. A little sport, after a meal for example, will also help to lower blood sugar levels which cause this feeling of hunger... and it will take your mind off things to think about other things!

Always to avoid stress, we also put aside all the subjects that worry us or pressurize us and we try to enjoy the good times, alone or with family.

- If you feel tired, allow yourself a short nap. And truly good, restorative nights, with an early bedtime. Quality sleep only has benefits: it allows for better cell regeneration, promotes a good immune response, and is also useful against sluggishness and anxiety.

The first effects will be felt quickly and you will even find yourself enjoying eating healthier. Less stressed, better in your body, you won't want to go back!

The little extra from Boome : after your detox treatment, our Pregnancy multivitamin is particularly suitable for revitalizing your body.

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