Parysatis, 20 months pregnant

Pregnant parysatis She is a committed fashion designer and mother of a little Izeh, born in the spring of 2021. Parysatis tells us about her experience of motherhood, her miscarriage, her relationship to post-pregnancy pounds, and lifts the veil on her difficult breastfeeding . A modern and guilt-free mother.

2 months

I had a miscarriage. And I didn't expect it. I said to myself “I am young, I am in good health”, it was a difficult first experience. I was lucky in my misfortune because I didn't have to do a curettage or take a pill. Suddenly, this experience must have released something since my mother told me about hers, my grandmother too. I realized that a lot of women have done at least one. And when we talk about pregnancy, we talk very little about that and that's a shame. Luckily, I fell pregnant again the following month and there as much to say that I was afraid: I stopped the sport when I knew that it was not at all the cause of my miscarriage, I was hyper pay attention to everything. I, who am rather hyperactive and who walk a lot, for the first time, I wanted to listen to myself 100% even if it means being I don't care and a little lazy. My priority has become my baby. I had a very difficult first month and a half, lying down with nausea and all I did was sleep and eat cereal in my bed because that's all that got through. I put aside my professional and personal life, I preserved myself. Then as soon as I knew everything was fine with my baby, I relaxed, got back to sports, back to work, and luckily had a pretty cool pregnancy.

7 months and three weeks

I'm in the clinic's emergency room, it's 5 p.m., I call my boyfriend and I tell him: I'm due in two hours! I was at the start of my 36th week , we weren't ready at all, we had just done the washing machine for the baby clothes that morning. In fact, the day before, during a check-up, my gynecologist told me that I had very little amniotic fluid left. My mother, who is a nurse, told me to go straight to the emergency room and luckily I went because the next day there was nothing. I had two solutions: give birth within two hours or stay in bed until I could reach the 37-week mark (where the baby is no longer considered premature, editor's note). I had a caesarean section, I knew it because my baby was in a breech, and I stayed 10 days in the maternity ward because she wasn't growing. I didn't have the right to painkillers because I'm allergic to some and let's just say I had a bite… Old fashioned!

10 months and…. Still inside!

My postpartum will be over when I get my body back. I never thought I would take so long to lose my pregnancy pounds. I exercised all the time. So, as much as I understand the reflections of the type "you have time to waste, you have just given birth, give yourself time", it is not me, it is not my cursor. Everyone is free to do as they wish, as long as they feel good. You also have the right to want to find your body quickly, it's OK. There, I decided to get help from a dietician because I couldn't do it alone! For a month I really feel an improvement so a piece of advice: do not hesitate to get help from the pros!

The other highlight and probably the most difficult: breastfeeding. I think this is the worst experience of my entire pregnancy. I had to pump for 2 months, it was horrible. I would sit with this big machine and cry for 30 minutes. Since I couldn't get a sufficient amount to the breast, I became alienated from this machine. I quit for this. So luckily, we form a great team with my boyfriend, he took care of us, like my mom by the way. I was surrounded and I know it's a real chance. But I didn't think breastfeeding would be so complicated.

On the psychological level, there was also the guilt of having to go back to work because in freelance you don't have a mat leave. No job, no money. I had to go back to it 2 weeks after giving birth because I gave birth before and I had plans to make. And being torn between your professional ambition and your role as a mom was difficult to manage. Today everything is better, I'm working, she's at the nanny's and things are going really well. I think we have to stop putting pressure on ourselves, we do what we can, there is no right or wrong way to approach all these challenges of motherhood, especially those that we do not know. don't wait!

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