Gummies or capsules: which food supplements to choose?

Gummies or capsules, what to choose?

The boom in food supplements is giving rise to many alternatives to take care of your health and well-being. And gummies are on the rise! But what are the big differences between capsules and gummies, which are flooding the market? We take stock.

Gummies: a fashion that has certain limits

Under their sour candy appearance, gummies promise fun supplementation, particularly for children, or for consumers who cannot swallow capsules. Except that beneath their innocent appearance, the gummies have a few weak points.

Sugar :

It is often at the top of the ingredient list. And for good reason: to offer a pleasant experience to the consumer, gummies are loaded with sugars or sweeteners. So be wary of products labeled “sugar-free”, they necessarily contain sweetening power, added via an additive or concentrated fruit juice.

One of the sweeteners often used to replace sugar is maltitol, a bulking agent that can replace sugar, authorized by health authorities, but which can cause unwanted effects if consumed in too high a dose ( intestinal disorders, laxative effects).

Be careful of the pleasure side of gummies and the much easier risk of overdose!


To obtain the gelled side of a candy, manufacturers use animal gelatin or pectin, a natural gelling agent from plants (preferred). Acidifiers, sweeteners, colorings, so many additives that we must pay attention to in order to make the best consumption choices.

Low dosage “candies”:

Due to the place that additives take up in the gummies format, there is very little left for the active ingredients. If you want a well-dosed and complete food supplement, it is better to turn to the capsule, which allows you to add much more active ingredients.

The risk of overdose

Candy + health = confusion: supplementation is not trivial, even with plants or products of natural origin. Beware of the risk of overdose with food supplements that look like candy, their intake must be supervised, and must not be associated with an act of gluttony!

The capsule: a safe bet that must be chosen carefully

Widespread dosage form, the capsule often allows a higher concentration of active ingredients. Here too, many capsules exist, we recommend that you read the composition labels and choose capsules:

- Vegan, and therefore, without animal gelatin (beef, fish or pork, still very present on the market),

- Without too many dangerous additives ,

- Without solvents

Remember: in a well-formulated and manufactured food supplement, the envelope is very important. At Boome, we use pullulan capsules: they are natural, guaranteed solvent-free, and protect the active ingredients more effectively against oxidation.

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