Choosing the right pregnancy vitamins, with Laure Einaudi, obstetrician-gynecologist

Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant and want to have the best supplementation? Congratulations, you have the right reflexes! But now, you are a little lost when it comes to choosing your pregnancy food supplements.
Don't panic, Laure Einaudi, obstetrician-gynecologist in the south of France, helps you make the right choices and gives you the 5 key points to respect.

Iron and pregnancy, folic acid, how to choose?

Dr Einaudi, who you can find on his Instagram account @la.gyneco , has listed the elements to take into account to make an informed choice.

A little note for choosing your pregnancy vitamins:
1/ A clear composition without dangerous additives
2/ Key active ingredients, such as vitamin B9 in bioavailable form
3/ Do not contain iron, which must be subject to a specific blood test
4/ Essential ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, zinc and choline
5/ Do not be frightened by the number of capsules that are often necessary for an effective multivitamin.


Why take pregnancy vitamins?

And if you still doubt the usefulness of pregnancy vitamins , Dr Einaudi reminded us in another interview, it is essential to consume them over time! Good supplementation makes it possible to make up for deficiencies that can lead to complications and to meet needs that evolve at each stage of motherhood...