Fertility in men: up to what age?

Up to what age is a man fertile?

Did you know that Charlie Chaplin had a baby at 73? Yes, unlike women, men remain fertile for a long time. Long time. But are they as much at 25 as at 70? Because when it comes to conceiving a child, we almost only talk about female fertility. Future mothers who remain dependent on the famous biological clock. So, up to what age is a man fertile? Let's take a closer look at this subject that is still too little discussed, but which we will dissect for you from A to Z.

How does fertility work in men?

We start with a quick return to SVT class (I promise, it's not that far). To remain fertile, a man must produce between 40 and 50 million sperm per milliliter. And according to Livi , there are 4 factors to rate their quality:

  • the number of gametes;
  • sperm motility;
  • their shape;
  • their volume.

Remembering of course that as long as there are sperm, all hope of conception is allowed. Remember that it only takes one to fertilize the egg!

Until what age does male fertility remain intact?

You will have understood: we wrongly think that man remains fertile ground all his life. But no! According to the Pasteur Institute , worldwide, one in seven couples are unable to have a baby. And in 30 to 50% of cases, it is the male partner who remains responsible for this drop in fertility.

The Biomedicine Agency specifies that 78% of men under 25 manage to conceive within 6 months. Compared to only 58% of those over 35. This is how we explain this progressive decline in fertility:

  • The quantity of spermatozoa decreases, and therefore the risks of fertilization too.
  • Testosterone (which plays a key role in sexual performance) also declines. And it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Note also that the older a man gets, the more his DNA fragments. What does it mean ? Well, the risks of chromosomal abnormalities, risk of Down syndrome and genetic diseases increase in embryos. And even that of premature births.

Of course, you can still have a baby with a man over 35! You just have to keep in mind that the chances of pregnancy can sometimes become complicated.

What to do if fertility rates drop in men?

Good news: sperm quality is renewed in 70 to 90 days. So gentlemen, if yours is at half mast, you should increase your chances of conceiving in just 2 to 3 months. Starting by (if necessary) improving your lifestyle.

Stop smoking

Recent studies show that smoking impacts the shape, mobility and number of sperm. This would induce an increase in oxidative stress, and would therefore produce a devastating effect on the gametes.

Losing weight

Obesity can also impair sperm quality. She :

  • Affects blood circulation (= erectile dysfunction).
  • Creates hormonal changes (= risks of infertility).
  • Increases sperm oxidation (= poor quality).

To limit all this: a sporting activity, a good diet… and that’s it!

Eliminate processed products

We know, we're not fun. But to boost your fertilizing capacity, you will also have to consider limiting:

  • Red meat ;
  • processed products;
  • coffee.

These foods, rich in saturated fatty acids and trans fats, can induce poor quality sperm.

Limit your alcohol consumption

No, alcohol is not your reproductive system's best friend either. It even remains quite harmful, since it induces a drop in testosterone and other hormones linked to fertility.

So we avoid drinking too much. Or just drink, if you feel capable.

Monitor temperature

It is less known, but if the testicles are too hot, the quality of the sperm takes a hit. This can happen if you:

  • wear clothes that are too tight;
  • work with the computer on your thighs;
  • keep your phone in your pocket.

To avoid overheating, wear loose clothing. And move regularly to ventilate your body (and your mind).

Boosting fertility in men: we explain

We know to what extent infertility can be a source of anxiety when trying to conceive a child. So we give you some tips to remedy this.

Boost your male fertility through diet

To boost your sperm production, start by integrating a diet based on fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains. The must ? Foods rich in antioxidants like:

  • vitamin B12;
  • vitamin C;
  • zinc;
  • folate.

Or in omega 3 such as:

  • fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, herring, etc.)
  • terrestrial plants (rapeseed oil, flax, nuts, etc.)

You can add them to your meals, or consume them in the form of food supplements.

Learn to manage your stress

We have not yet concretely made the link between male fertility and stress. On the other hand, what we know is that it causes a definite drop in libido. And without her, it's difficult to want to have a child.

To limit it, consider practicing meditation or breathing exercises. Even 5 minutes is enough to reduce stress levels. Not negligible!

Women can also boost their fertility

Are you a woman looking to boost your fertility? At Boome, we really want you to have all the chances on your side. So we created women’s fertility vitamins . Plant-based, 100% natural, they will help you:

  • Boost your ovulation.
  • Improve the quality of your eggs.
  • Rebalance your cycles and your hormones.

In short, enough to give you a real boost if you are having difficulty conceiving.

Please remember that reproduction in humans is more complex than it seems. And fertility is not just a women’s affair! Fortunately, there are concrete tips to boost their chances of conception. Because yes, despite the challenges of procreation, hope and solutions remain within reach for those who aspire to parenthood.

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