Pregnancy vitamins: useful? The opinion of Laure Einaudi, gynecologist-obstetrician.

If you have never been pregnant or taken any dietary supplements during your first pregnancy or pregnancies, you are probably wondering if pregnancy vitamins are actually useful.
Dr. Laure Einaudi (from the Instagram account @la.gyneco ), a gynecologist-obstetrician in the south of France, answers our questions and explains to you in a few moments the usefulness and use of pregnancy vitamins.

Why take prenatal vitamins?

Laure Einaudi gives you the 3 essential reasons to take supplements during pregnancy.

For how long to consume pregnancy vitamins? When to start them?

Dr. Einaudi is in favor of long-term supplementation throughout the maternity process. It is never too early to start increasing your reserves of essential nutrients in order to optimize your chances of a peaceful pregnancy.

If you are (still) looking for good pregnancy vitamins , be sure to read the composition labels and decipher them in order to give only the best to your body and your future baby.

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