Fertility and pregnancy: Pamper your liver!

The importance of the liver in fertility

Having trouble conceiving? What if the problem came from your liver? An organ often damaged by excesses, a lifestyle subject to stress and bad habits, the liver nevertheless plays a key role in fertility . It is the guarantor of your hormonal balance, and is the filter par excellence of your body.

Marie-Liesse Goutte, from the @phytofemme account on Instagram, phyto-aromatherapy advisor specializing in fertility restoration, explains to us why it is important to take care of it and practice Detox.

1. Many couples have difficulty conceiving today; in France, 1 in 4 couples are affected by infertility problems. Marie-Liesse, can the liver block conception?

"The liver itself will not block conception, but as its work allows good overall hormonal management, we understand its importance. It is the body's waste management station, so the less it works, the more the waste accumulates. For example, estrogen is not recycled as well as it should. But that's not all, the liver will also work on all the dynamics of the small pelvis... If it is clogged, there will be stasis (lack of circulation). This will create congestion, a lack of vascularization which sets the stage for inflammation!

2. In a PMA course, where hormones can quickly clog the body, should we be even more attentive to the care to be given to our liver?

" Absolutely! During the courses, we can pamper him by paying attention to our diet! Avoid inflammatory foods, favor cruciferous vegetables or bitter salads. The hot water bottle on the liver is also very appreciated. But between two protocols, it is really interesting to do what we incorrectly call: a detox . The liver does not need to be detoxified (that's its job). On the other hand, we will help it to cleanse itself better with plants cholagogues and choleretics! We will also have every interest in using plants that we call hepatoprotective, that is to say that they will protect the liver for the continuation of hostilities! "

3. How to avoid an accumulation of waste in our body?

“By regularly taking certain plants that support the liver, by having a suitable diet which will help avoid saturating it. We can take advantage of each change of season to pamper it more particularly.”

4. In naturopathy, we take care of the liver through dietary adjustments, but also through gentle detox processes. With the new season here, would you have any advice for readers to take care of their liver on a daily basis?

"Here, we are lucky to have birch trees and so I do my birch sap treatment every year for 3 weeks to revive my body after winter! Each of us can adapt the plants to our needs...

There are also everyday actions such as lemon juice, the hot water bottle in the evening, a balanced diet and sufficient fluid intake. Added to this is the daily consumption of herbal teas. I usually use several herbal teas which all have a supportive action: rosemary, yarrow, nettle (more general support). I also really like milk thistle but the infusion is really not pleasant... You could take it as a mother tincture or in capsules for example. There are so many interesting plants! Moreover, the plants that arrive in spring are for many liver darlings, dandelion for example!

5. When are the best times to start a detox?

"The first green light is our energy: if we are knocked out, we must make sure to get back into shape first. Then check our clogging via signals sent by our liver: migraines, difficulty in digestion, different transit, white tongue etc...

Our ancestors who were much more attentive to the functioning of animals "purged" themselves twice a year, in the fall and in the spring... It is a good option but we never do it in parallel with treatments (at the risk of modify the way the body must assimilate it). On the other hand, you can do a detox before or after a treatment, before embarking on baby trials (and especially not after because there is no “detox” during pregnancy and breastfeeding!).

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